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Shat Gumbuj Mosque: A archeological place in Bangladesh

Shat Gumbuj Mosque is the one of the most beautiful and archeological place in Bangladesh. This is the most holy and ancient place, which is still alive in its nature and its decoration, is quite better than any other historical sites in Bangladesh.

Shat Gumbuj Mosque is recognized as the World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO. This is really a charming and magnificent mosque in Bangladesh, because it was constructed when architectural formula was quite impossible to build such an incredible mosque. It is beautified with heated muddy and terracotta flowers and foliage. Every day thousands of people are here to see this impeccable mosque. In addition, local muslims arrive at this place and pray regularly. It is the most enchanting and favorable place for a picnic and explore the past with historical and natural beauties. 

This holy place has long area of its own and there are many historical aspects around this place, which constructed by the most influential person named Khan Jahan Ali who came to Bagerhat formally known as Khalifatabad. He came to Bagerhat to preach islam and constructed and decorated this place with the most important materials. It is said that he came to this place on the crocodiles and his crocodiles still buzzing in his constructed pond named as Ghoradighi. However, besides that shat Gumbuj mosque there are so many beautiful spots around this place including bulbous Chunakhola Mosque, nine Gumbuj Mosque, Singar Mosque, GhoraDighi, Khan Jahan Ali tomb, Khan Jahan’s Residence, Museum etc. 

It is so beautiful place. The mosque is located on the east side of the GhoraDighi, which is far about 3 miles from Bagerhat main town. This pond is so large and the crocodiles live in this place before a long time from the prehistoric period of Khan Jahan Ali. Therefore, it is so fascinating place to visit.

Singara Mosque:
Another mosque named Singara Mosque is situated on the southern side of the road, which was made with a single dome and higher decoration for helping the muslims to pray.

Khan Jahan Ali’s Cottage:
Tourist can find the place of the greatest person Khan Jahan Ali’s bastuvita. It is just north side of the Shat Gumbuj mosque. You can go to this place.

Khan Jahan Ali’s Tomb:
The tomb of Khan Jahan Ali is another significant place for the tourist. It is located in the northern side of the large tank named Thakur Dighi. This tomb has architectural value and so prodigious for tourist. You can scroll through the tomb.

Nine Dome Mosques:
 It is located on the western side of the Thakur Dighi.

Restaurants and Rest house:
A lot of restaurant and food corner are available in this place to serve you with delicious food. These facilities are situated backside of the mosque.

How to go to Shat Gumbuj Mosque:
Tourist can travel this place by bus, airlines, train whatever they prefer. First, they need to reach Khulna and then need to take a bus to go Bagerhat district. Then this splendid place is 3 km away from Bagerhat city. You can take a rickshaw or other local vehicle at a lower cost.

Where to Stay:
 To visit the entire spots of this heritage places, the number of hotels, motels are waiting for you to serve with special deserve. Some of them are : Hotel Momotaj, Hotel Royal International, Hotel Castle Salam, Western Inn International Ltd, Hotel Tiger Garden, Ambassador Hotel, and Hotel Millennium are available.

The museum is the most influential part of this place that holds and expresses the past to us. Many historical and archeological, elements are kept to a museum.

Entry Fees:
You can visit this museum only by paying the charge. Native tourists are charged with 20 BDT and foreigners have to pay 50 BDT. This museum opens at 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and again reopens at 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

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