Sunday, August 16, 2015

Paharpur Buddhist Vihara : A historical place in Bangladesh

Paharpur Buddhist Vihara is one of the archeological and historical place in Bangladesh. This was a prodigious place for both the Buddist and Hindus. It is for about 29 miles north-west side from Bogra and 34km from Naogaon main town. Paharpur is named as per the name of a village located in Badalgachi Upazila of Naogaon District. This place is so influential for its structure, history, religion and ancient academic systems. Paharpur is covered with major archeological relies including Shompur Bihar, Snaanghat, Gondheswory mondir, sattapir vita, museum and so on. After recovery of this archaic place, a larger number of magnificent and archeological elements have found such as sculpture, terracotta jewelry, pottery, bronze scripts, household items, coins, seals and so on. This is just so gorgeous and propitious place for picnic and research spot for the travelers.

Shompur Bihar:
Shompur Bihar is the most magnificent and colossal archeological site because of its architectural design. It was surrounded by about 117 rooms, gate and numerous temples.

Snaanghat is located on the south-east corner of the shompur Bihar. Snaanghat is constructed of chalk. It is said that the daughter od King Mohidol named sondhaboti used to bathe in the ghat.

Gondheswory Mondir:
Gondheswory mondir is situated from the south-west corner of the snaanghat. From the archaic scripts, this temple was constructed in the beginning era of the Muslim kingdom. Numerous gods and goddess were kept in this mondir.

The museum is close to the Paharpur area that is arranged with numerous archeological materials, ancient sculptures, scripts and so on. Tourist can delight to visit the museum. This museum opens Monday to Thursday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

How to Go to Paharpur:
Paharpur is the suitable place to visit and it is easy to go from anywhere of Bangladesh. You can visit to Paharpur by bus, train, or airlines. Bus service is available. If you want to journey by train, you may reach in this place from Bogra railway station or Jamalgonj railways station and then ride on local transportation named auto rickshaw or tempu. Journey by airlines started from Sayedpur Airport, and then you have to take a bus to Joypurhat. It is easy to go to Paharpur whatever you preferred.

Where to Stay:
Paharpur is such a place, which links up with three districts. Since that, travel opportunities and residential facilities are expected to be available and suitable for the tourists from home and abroad feel better. However, Joypurhat has limited accommodation facilities, but Bogra has a better staff of residential facilities such as porjoton motel, naz- garden and numerous hotels are available. You can also stay in Naogoan, which has also accommodation opportunities to serve you with the best regard.

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