Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mahasthangarh: An ancient Archaeological place in Bangladesh

Mahasthangarh is one of the ancient archaeological places in Bangladesh. This historical place is located in Shibganj thana in Bogra district which is far about 14km from Bogra town nearby the Korotoa river. This place preserves as the most influential tourist spot in Bangladesh. This place covers with various archaeological sites in even by digging, by the scripts, and even by the folk means. This site has special historical background to visit which are Mazar sharif, Behular Basor Ghor, Kalidhoho sagor, Shiladevir Ghat, Jiyat kundu.

How to go to Mahasthangarh:

This place is favorable for a journey with friends and family. Tourist come from other districts can easily travel this place by bus or train and foreigner can visit this place as like as the native tourist. You need to take a bus or a train to Bogra Bus Terminal or Bogra Railway Station. Then you have to make a little journey to 14km by bus or CNG auto rickshaw. It is cheap to travel at Mahasthangarh from the main town with less cost even may be 20 BDT or 30 BDT and so on.

Where to stay: 
Bogra is such a district with better residential facilities and delicious food to deserve your desire to travel. Numerous hotel, motel and residential cottage is available both in Bogra town and even outside the Mahasthangarh at a lower cost. In addition, you can stay at Bangladesh Porzoton Motel and four-star hotel called Naz-garden whatever you preferred.

Entry Fees: 
All the places around the Mahasthangarh are free except the Mahasthangarh Museum. Minor tourist will charge with 5BDT, adult will charge with 20 BDT, SAARC inclusive country tourist will charge with 100 BDT, and other tourist other than SAARC will charge with 200 BDT. Museum open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM in a week and only Sunday and Monday it opens from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM.

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