Saturday, August 8, 2015

Himchori: The most beautiful place in Bangladesh

Himchori is one of the beautiful place in Bangladesh. This place is a combination of hills, forests and waterfall that helps to explore the new adventure of natural beauty. Domestic and foreign travelers become startling to view this amazing place. This place is suitable for hiking, riding and treats as a picnic spot provided by the tourist guide liner. Its colossal waterfall, crooked way through mountain and evergreen forests gives you extra pleasure to cheer up. This is a splendid place to visit with friends and family. This place consists of amazing waterfall and Himchori national park and Christmas tree forest to visit.

Incredible Himchori waterfall:
Himchori is so much amazing place for its crooked and amiable waterfall. It seems like white water flow that emits from the chest  of the mountain. In winter season, it lessens in its incredible size. But in the rainy season, it becomes a monster that shows its extraordinary power and beauty, which are amazing.

How to go to Himchori waterfall:
Himchori is far about 5km away from Cox’s bazar main town. You  can go to that place by bus, car or other local vehicles named as chandergari at a considerable cost.

Himchori National Park:
Himchori is the most amazing and impeccable place. Moreover, the Himchori national park enriches its beauty prodigiously. The government is to set up this park facilitates its beauty and make it auspicious place to visit. It is widespread place with distinct wild life such as tiger, elephant, gibbon, wild boar, jungle cat, wild cow, distinct types of birds that broad a different sense about wild life. This place is such of a heaven to the tourists.

Where to Stay:
Cox’s Bazar is a tourist spot. Since that, residential facilities are available. To visit Himchori you should live at the main town. Various hotel, motel and guesthouse are available classified by your budgets.

Entry fees:
Tourists have to pay per 5BDT to entry the Himchori national park.

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