Monday, June 15, 2015

sylhet: traditional tea growing area

The area around Sylhet is traditional tea growing area in Bangladesh. The area around Sylhet is the traditional culture of Bangladesh. This place is most attractive and beautiful place in Bangladesh. The attractive Surma Area is protected with balconies of tea landscapes and lavish natural exotic jungles. Srimangal is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh and for miles around one can see the green carpet of tea gardens on the hill slopes. If you visit tea garden then a visit to the tea plantation in
Sylhet would be the memorable experience for any one. The gardens are relics from the days of the British Raj. The plantations were started by the British and the manager still live in white timber homes as they did in those days. The bungalows stand on huge beautifully maintained lawns and the service and lifestyle is pretty much unchanged.

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