Monday, June 1, 2015

Saint Mertin island: Cox’s Bazar

Saint Martins Island is in the northeast part of the Bay of Bengal and one of the most naturally beautiful places and the only coral island of Bangladesh. It is the best island in south Asia. The local names of the island are "Daruchini Dip" and "Narical Gingira" which means 'Coconut Island' in Bengali. As the island is full of coconut trees local people named this coral island after this specialty.

The natural scenery of the island is very much exotic especially at night. The beauty of Full moon in St. Martins Island cannot be expressed, if you are not there at that time. The moonlit night on the island provides unearthly peaceful and majestic experience. If it happens to be a moonlit night then you will not be able to resist the charm and surely be tempted to visit the St. Martin Island again.

St. Martins is a very small island. It’s possible to walk around the island in a day because it measures only 8 sq km, shrinking to about 5 sq km during high tide. Every year thousands of tourists around the world come to visit this island. Some tourists considered that St. Martin is the world's best island.

How to go Saint Martin’s Island:

At first you have to go Cox’s Bazar by bus or by air. And then from here you need to reach Teaknaf by Bus. Finally  from Teaknaf you can reach the place by water transports i.e. boats or ships.

Accommodations (where to stay):

Accommodations facilities are very good here. You can easily manage a local hotel in St. martin’s island or any other hotel in the cox’s Bazar city.

Cox's Bazar is called the city of residential hotel. You will get a number of hotels and restaurants there with different budget. Most of the Cox's Bazar hotels accommodate superior account with
reasonable cost.

In Cox’s bazaar the luxurious tourist hotels are Seagull Hotel, Hotel Sea Palace, Hotel Coral Reef, Hotel Paradise, Hotel Mishuk, Hotel kollol, Hotel Sea Heart, Long Beach Hotel.

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