Monday, June 1, 2015

Moheshkhali island: Cox’s Bazar

Moheshkhali island is famous for its beauty and tranquility.It is the only hilly Island of Bangladesh.This is an amazing area in the Bay of Bengal in the north-western guidelines off Cox’s Bazar. The isle can be available by standard water vessel of 20-30 moments generate. The isle is marked with wooded mountains and some mangrove plants plus the beach. The historical Adinath Temple at the hilltop and the Rakhain towns with their vibrant Buddhist temple has got tremendous touristic destinations. An incredible number of Hindu enthusiasts fulfill together during the event at the Aditinath Temple (mid Falgun) every season.
How to go:
From Cox’s Bazar you can reach the Moheshkhali by trawler (local motorboat) or by speedboat. By trawler, it is one hour and half an hour journey whereas speedboat takes only 20 minutes.

Where to stay:
There is no good facilities to stay here but that is not a problem because you can stay Cox’s Bazar where you can find lots of hotels and restaurants to stay and have food.

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