Monday, June 1, 2015

Chera Dip: Cox’s Bazar

Chera Dip  is an island of Bangladesh. Chera dip a part of St. Martin Island. Although chera dip is a part of saint martin island but it is divided by a tide. Here you will find a lots of Corals – living and dead all over the Island. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh. Also you will find a small bush which is the only green portion of that island. Most tourists considered that this part enhance the beauty of Chera Dip. It is one of the popular tourist places among the local travelers.

How to go Chera Dip :

At first you have to go Cox’s Bazar and then  Saint Martin.
From Saint Martin you can go there by walking during low tide and it takes only one and a half hour to reach there. Otherwise you can go there by the local boats or ships. Most people takes boats or
ships as they want to walk for too long.
Lots of travel agencies are available and they provide the package tours and you can also discuss with them for more information.

Chera dip is a very small place and people don’t leave there, it is better for the tourists to visit there early in the day and come back to saint martin during the day for their safety.

Where to stay (Accommodations):

Accommodations facilities are very good here. You can easily manage a local hotel in St. martin’s island or any other hotel in the cox’s Bazar city.

You will get a number of hotels and restaurants there with different budget. Most of the Cox's Bazar hotels accommodate superior account with reasonable cost.

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