Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dulahazra Safari Park: Cox’s Bazar


Dulahazra Opera Entertainment position was designed on an undulating landscapes of around 2,224 kilometers of position at Chakaria Upazila in Cox's Bazar Area, Bangladesh, some 107 km away from the port town, with an purpose to make features for eco-tourism, study and entertainment aside from protecting crazy animals in a environment. Dulahazra Entertainment position is home to at least 4,000 animals of 165 types. After the new government took over in Jan 2007, mixed causes stored many of these new people of the car park during their drives at houses and companies owned and operated by graft believes. Many people also ‘donated’ some of the animals to the car park during this period. The taken and provided animals lately sent to the car park involve 90 recognized deer (chital), 42 woofing deer (maya, a types of muntjac deer), three sambar deer, one h2o crocodile, one salt-water crocodile, nine black keep, four pythons, 17 peacocks, 19 Turkish pheasants and two emus. Other source of animale contains the Dhaka Zoo. While the animal population in Dhaka zoo has enhanced over the years due to their duplication, the Dhaka zoo gives a wide range of lions and lions to the Dulhazra Opera Entertainment position.

Visitor Attractions: The car park itself protects a lot of insane creatures which are native to the position. In the safari car park there are qualified creatures which are available for a drive. Other animal locations involve lions, Bengal lions, Crocodiles, Keeps, Chitals and plenty of different kinds of parrots and apes. Since the car park was made start to the group, it has been showing a large viewers throughout — 6,000 visitors daily during high season (November to March) and 2,000 visitors daily during off season (April to October).

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